【English】LINE Sticker making 2.Draw, Get images Edit Part.1

Since October last year LINE start accepting 8 stickers for 1 set!

So here I would like to make 8 stickers for 1 set and show how I make them.

Firstly I draw pictures,
you could also use pictures for new rule for LINE sticker.

Oh before you start drawing,
you might need to decide what you are going to draw.

I usually write phrases or sentences I often use in LINE.

"Good Morning"
"Thank you"
"I am hungry"

Simply over 8 ideas comes up,
Then start drawing them...

Like this, I scanned the drawing into my PC

In Photoshop(sorry for screenshot is mostly Japanese)

Edit and modify drawings.

I often use adjustment of contrast, brightness, sharpness filters.

Crop the image I want to use

sometime stick drawing together, I do lot of things to change, add ,delete also.

For coloring them, you can use Photoshop but I might use Illustrator.
Illustrator allows you to make drawing images into vector images so you don't lose quality if you change the size.

When you paste images into Illustrator you would better get copying images in a good big resolution ,otherwise when you convert to vector ,you have some sensitive shape or corner lost.

I set around 4000pixels in 72dpi.
For this drawing, 2000pixel was ok.

It is also good to apply effects and filters like edge posterization to make shape contrasted and sharpened.

Copy image in photoshop and paste it to Illustrator.
Then try "Image Trace" , the image will be converted into vector image.

After converted, double click the vector and get into edit mode.
select color you don't need, "Select">"Same">"Fill Color" and delete it.

Then you will get only outline.

Now you can color them.
Continue in next post.
Thanks for reading!