【English】How to make LINE Sticker?

Last year, I made a LINE Sticker for the fisrt time.

The one I made, you can check here.

I would like to show you how I made those stickers. Talking about mostly in techniques but there are lots of other ways,
so remind that mine is one of examples to make LINE stickers you would like to try.

Here is couple instructions

1.Get images ready

2.Scan images, Edit

3.Export for the file format for application


5.Complete, start selling

1.Get images ready

First of all, you are probablly needed

a tool like PC, tablet,or smartphone that can connect internet.

Because of that there are rules for application to LINE sticker.

・Size of image

・Image format

・Content of image

The size of image are important thing that you would need to edit and make in a certain software.

It is not alway that you have originally those kind of software in your computer so you would need to choose software and buy or download from internet.

Next post, I would like to talk about How to make images.
Thanks for reading!